Selective Pallet Racks

Selective Pallet Racks

Selective pallet racks (also known as single selective racking) are the most commonly used pallet racking system. It’s called “selective” because it allows users to select any pallet load from the pallet racks without having to move any other pallets. Therefore, you have immediate access to every pallet position from the aisle.


Selective pallet racks are the most commonly used pallet racking system.  These systems are called “selective” because they allow users to select any pallet load from the pallet racking system without having to move any other pallets. That’s because pallets are laid out in back-to-back rows separated by access aisles for lift trucks. Therefore, every pallet position is immediately accessible from the aisle.

They typically come in one of two configurations: a roll form (aka clip-in configuration) and a structural configuration.

roll form racking

Roll form racking is made from light gauge steel and can handle most pallet weights.

Roll Form Selective Pallet Racks

Roll form racks are the most common type of racking. That’s because they can handle almost all pallet weights as well as the fact that they are also the most affordable kind of racking.  However, roll form racks have this disadvantage: due to the light gauge of steel used in its manufacture, impacts can easily damage them.



Structural Selective Pallet Racks

Structural Selective Pallet Racks

structural form racking cross section

The most demanding environments call for structural steel racks.  That’s because they are made from thicker steel than roll form racks, increasing their impact strength.  However, their downside is that they are more expensive than roll form racks.


Our inventory includes the most trusted manufacturers in the industry, helping to ensure safety and code compliance. No project is too big or too small for our dedicated team of Pallet Rack Specialists to handle. Individuals, small companies, and large corporations use our products and services each day to improve their storage and warehousing strategies.

  • Direct access to each pallet.
  • Cost effective.
  • Versatile
  • Most teardrop pallet rack brands are compatible with one another.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Easy to reconfigure/re-slot.

We will help you with every aspect of your selective pallet rack project from start to finish. Maximizing space and getting new storage installed in your warehouse can be more difficult than you first think. From the layout and installation and finding the perfect rack to fit your needs, we are your one stop shop for all selective pallet racking needs.

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