Double Deep Pallet Racking

Double Deep Pallet Racking

What is Double Deep Pallet Racking?

A double deep rack is a type of pallet racking system used in warehouses and distribution centers to store and organize palletized goods. It is a variation of the selective pallet racking system, which consists of upright frames and horizontal load beams that support pallets.

In a double deep rack, two pallets are stored behind each other, rather than just one, which makes more efficient use of the available space. This is achieved by using a specialized forklift that has an extended reach and can place pallets in the rear position without the need for additional aisles.

Double deep racks can be a good solution for companies that have a large amount of inventory to store and limited floor space, as they allow for higher storage density. However, they can also have some drawbacks, such as reduced selectivity and increased handling time for retrieving pallets from the back position.

Double Deep Pallet Rack Systems increase productive use of floor space by about 60% to 65%. They offer low initial cost, good density and selectivity. Double deep pallet rack has become a very popular choice in high throughput operations by offering efficient use of available storage space.

Double Deep Pallet Racks

Double Deep Pallet Racking System

Double Deep Pallet Racking System

Double deep pallet rack is a type of warehouse racking system that is designed to increase storage density by storing two pallets deep, one behind the other. It is a variant of the selective pallet rack system and is popular in high volume warehouses where space is at a premium.

The double deep pallet rack system is similar to the selective pallet rack system in that it is comprised of upright frames and horizontal load beams. The difference is that in the double deep system, two pallets are placed on the same beam level, with one pallet in front of the other. This reduces the number of aisles required for access, which in turn increases storage density by up to 50%.

One of the main benefits of double deep pallet rack is the significant increase in storage capacity that it provides. This is particularly useful in warehouses with limited floor space, as it allows for more inventory to be stored in the same area. Additionally, the double deep system is typically less expensive than other high-density storage systems, such as drive-in racking or pushback racking.

However, there are some drawbacks to using double deep pallet rack. The most significant is reduced accessibility, as pallets stored in the back row are more difficult to reach. This can lead to longer retrieval times and a lower level of selectivity compared to selective pallet racking. Additionally, the forklift used in a double deep system must have an extended reach to access the back pallet, which can limit the type of forklift that can be used.

Overall, double deep pallet rack is a popular storage solution for companies that need to maximize their warehouse space. By understanding the advantages and limitations of the system, companies can make an informed decision about whether it is the right choice for their needs.

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