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When it comes to Pallet Rack, Green Mountain’s got your back, including installation and a huge selection of pallet rack(s) and warehouse storage options.

Here, at Green Mountain, our inventory includes the most trusted manufacturers in the industry, helping to ensure safety and code compliance.  No project is too big or too small for our dedicated team of Pallet Rack Specialists to handle.  Individuals, small companies, and large corporations use our products and services each day to improve their storage and warehousing strategies.  Customers with larger warehouse projects can receive factory-direct discounts, as well as warehouse layout and design consultation.

Our ultimate goal is to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the end result and the job is done right.

For All Your Pallet Rack and Other Storage Needs

We pride ourselves on designing and supplying innovative pallet rack, cantilever rack, push back pallet rack, and other storage solutions to fit each and every customer’s unique requirements.  No two pallet rack layouts are exactly the same.  At Green Mountain Industrial Supply, we have over 20 years worth of experience successfully helping many customers achieve their storage-related goals through our many pallet rack storage solutions.

Offering a variety of new pallet rack and horizontal (i.e., cantilever rack) storage solutions, we specialize in the full spectrum of all your new tear drop pallet rack requirements.  The uprights and beams all come in various sizes and capacities to fit each customer’s individual needs.  We also specialize in new pallet supports and new wire decking to implement with new pallet rack solutions, where required.  For the customer who wants high pallet storage density, we offer customized new drive-in pallet racks, new push-back racks, and new gravity flow racks.  For the customer who requires horizontal material storage, such as lumber yards or plumbing supply warehouses, Green Mountain Industrial Supply offers a variety of new cantilever rack options, where materials (e.g., lumber and piping) are laid directly on cantilever arms. Our new cantilever racks come in various sizes, capacities, and configurations to fit each individual customer’s specific needs.

What We Offer

 We help equip your business with the proper tools needed for maintaining an organized, high functioning warehouse. 
Some of our premier items include:

Pallet Racks

We are a major stocking distributor of the new pallet rack products.

Modular Offices

From basic 10'x10' to more robust modular offices. We have it all.

Cantilever Racks

New Cantilever Rack Solutions are ideal for long items in long runs.


New Mezzanines can easily double or even triple your storage space.

Yard Ramps

Ideal for loading and unloading shipments at a warehouse dock or from trucks and rail cars, order yours today!

Wire Decking

Green Mountain Industrial supply provides wire decking for easier and more sturdy inventory.


We provide businesses and warehouses with reliable shelving to store all sorts of boxes, and extra supply’s.

And More

We have a wide range of warehouse solutions to make sure your company operates at peak efficiency.

Pallet Racks and Racking Solutions

Stock inventory by the pallet, create rows to organize your warehouse, and improve fulfillment times with heavy duty pallet racking.

What exactly do you get from Green Mountain Industrial Supply?  When a prospective customer calls us, they immediately speak with a highly experienced, seasoned Storage Rack Specialist, who has years of hands-on warehouse field experience.  We ask all pertinent questions about the timeline for the new storage rack.  What type of material is being stored?  What are the dimensions and weight of the material being stored and would the customer like us to install new rack.


We understand that we would Pallet Racksnot be here if it weren’t for you, the customer.  We know how valuable your time is.  Based on our industry experience, culture, philosophy, and track record, we strive to make the new rack purchasing experience as effortless as possible.  At Green Mountain Industrial Supply, we give every customer the same high level of attention and dedication no matter how big or small the project.  Let us show what we can do for you.

Standard Pallet Rack Solutions

The most common system of organized pallet storage is the new selective teardrop pallet rack.  Selective pallet racking solutions provide immediate access to every pallet in the warehouse, providing a compromise of product selectivity and storage density.  The bolt-less, hardware-free, teardrop design common to modern pallet racks makes it easy to assemble and rearrange.  To meet your storage needs, we carry one of the nation’s largest selections of new in-stock selective teardrop pallet racks.  We also offer several brands of wire decking, column protectors, row spacers, and other pallet rack accessories as your one-stop material handling equipment outfitter.

Pallet racks provide for an increase in product storage capacity.  Many varieties of pallet racks exist, allowing for the vertical storage of products across horizontal rows. These varieties are designed to fulfill specific functions related to available space and storage weight.  Pallet racks have become a common—but essential—component of most warehouses and storage locations.

Green Mountain is a supplier of new high-quality pallet racks, warehouse shelving, storage, parts & accessories.  A wide variety of products are available, now and ready-to-ship, to match your storage needs, regardless of weight or volume.

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Cantilever Rack Solutions

Galvanized Pallet Rack System

Some materials don’t fit neatly or effectively into pallet rack solutions.  For example, lumber and steel are often too long and awkward to fit on pallets.  Storing piping or long sheets of plywood in selective storage racks would make it clumsy to load and pick.  It could be dangerous, as well.  Materials like these are perfect for cantilever rack solutions.  Cantilever warehouse storage rack solutions are ideal for storing long items in continuous horizontal runs because there are no upright frames to cause interference.  New cantilever racks are popular in a wide variety of settings and industries including lumber yards, hardware stores, and plumbing supply warehouses.PALLET RACK GRAVITY FLOW LEVEL

Cantilever racks are generally made from steel, and, like pallet racks, cantilever racks are modular and have interchangeable parts, allowing for customization to suit your creativity and function.  The ability to distribute large weight capacity throughout the shelving system—freeing up floor space within your facility—is the prime function for this type of rack system.  Cantilever racks are sturdy, stable, and can endure decades of heavy, rough usage.

Overview of Cantilever Rack:
  • Easily adjusted
  • Lacks front side obstructions, making loading and picking easier
  • Can be built as high as your service machinery will go
  • Single-sided converts to double-sided if needed

Push Back Pallet Rack Solutions

push back pallet racksWhen space in your warehouse is tight, push back pallet rack is king. New push back pallet rack solutions increase storage density and let you make the most of your available warehouse space.  These solutions give users the unique advantage of increasing pallet count with minimal impact on access to SKUs.  Push back pallet racks have skyrocketed in popularity in recent years thanks to its ease of use and ability to increase pallet storage density.  In terms of initial cost, push back racks are usually more expensive than selective or drive in pallet racks.  However, gains in efficiency and storage density can yield long-term profits that make push back a smart investment for many applications.  Like many dynamic solutions, push back racking is often constructed at least in part with structural racks.

Push back Pallet RacksPush back pallet racking optimizes your warehouse space without sacrifice to product rotation or handling time.  Once in place, a new pallet racking system gains greater storage capacity for more pallets and higher quality merchandise selectivity than other types of high-capacity system, such as drive-in racking.  Offering the best of both worlds, push back racking has easily become a go-to storage solution for when you need “more”.

Push back pallet storage is quickly becoming the preferred system of storage through the world.  It’s dynamic ability to be extended can provide up to 90% more space than a standard pallet rack system.

Overview of Push Back Pallet Rack:
  • Increases warehouse storage efficiency
  • Can decrease labor costs
  • Low maintenance
  • Allows for storage of more SKUs than drive in rack
  • Considered easy to use by lift truck operators

Drive In Pallet Rack Solutions

drive in pallet rackDrive in pallet rack solutions (aka “drive-through racking” or “high density storage”) provide the greatest storage density of any engineered pallet storage system.  By eliminating aisles, drive-in pallet racking solutions are able to maximize warehouse storage space.  In fact, a new drive-in rack system can increase pallet storage by as much as 60%.  Drive in rack solutions most often appear in warehouses with FILO (first in, last out) inventory rotations.  In warehouses storing like-product and items that aren’t time sensitive, drive in rack solutions are valued for their ability to produce peak storage.  Because lift truck operators are driving in and out of the system, drive in pallet rack solutions are almost always built with structural racks.

Drive in Pallet RackAlthough drive in rack solutions offer benefits in certain applications, there can be consequences if they are used in the wrong circumstances.  The occurrence of honeycombing is a common pitfall of using drive in racking in warehouses better suited to other rack solutions.  Honeycombing occurs when excess racking goes unoccupied by product due to poor inventory cycling.  The resulting appearance of the rack system is similar to that of a honeycomb.  To determine whether or not a drive in pallet rack is right for your warehouse, be sure to consult one of our Systems Design Specialists.  We’ll listen to your current and future needs and work with you to assess whether or not a drive in rack is right for you.

Overview of Drive In Pallet Rack:
  • Accommodate virtually unlimited depth of storage
  • Deliver maximum storage density
  • Minimize the number of warehouse aisles
  • Prioritizes density over selectivity
  • Highly cost effective

Selective Pallet Rack Solutions

Selective Pallet RacksSelective pallet racking is a common pallet racking system in use today. New selective pallet racking solutions typically come in one of two configurations: a roll formed, or clip-in configuration, and a structural bolt-together configuration.

WarehouseOur inventory includes the most trusted manufacturers in the industry, helping to ensure safety and code compliance. No project is too big or too small for our dedicated team of Pallet Rack Specialists to handle. Individuals, small companies, and large corporations use our products and services each day to improve their storage and warehousing strategies. Customers with larger warehouse projects can receive factory-direct discounts, as well as warehouse layout and design consultation.

Overview of Selective Pallet Rack:
  • Direct access to each pallet
  • Cost effective
  • Versatile
  • Most teardrop pallet rack brands are compatible with one another
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to reconfigure/reslot

Pallet Flow Rack Solutions

pallet flow rackPallet flow rack solutions (aka “gravity flow pallet racks”) get your warehouse flowing. New pallet flow racks use metal rollers and the force of gravity to feed pallets into the rack’s pick positions. Like drive-in rack solutions, gravity flow racking maximizes storage space by minimizing aisles. Unlike drive-in solutions, gravity flow solutions operate using a first in, first-out inventory sequence.  Gravity pallet flow solutions are designed to meet your individual needs and can store as many as 20 pallets per storage lane. Pallet flow rack solutions are usually made using structural racking.

Our pallet flow designs are engineered for high performance and manufactured in the United States with high quality steel.  With pallet flow rack solutions, we provide custom solutions for all applications, from economical shallow-depth pick module solutions to the most challenging deep lane flow solutions. Give us a call or send in a form to learn more about pallet flow racks from a Systems Design Specialist.

Overview of Pallet Flow Rack:
  • Gets warehouse inventory flowing
  • Promotes high-density pallet storage
  • Custom engineered and tested for your operation
  • Provides immediate access to every product
  • Excellent for freezer or cooler applications

Carton Flow Rack Solutions

carton flow racksCarton flow storage racks (aka “span track”) accommodate high volume order picking and reduce the need for operator activity. Similar to gravity flow pallet solutions, new carton flow systems use gravity to “flow” cartons and boxes down rollers. These rollers are made of metal or a combination of metal and plastic.  They’re usually found in “flowing” warehouses that have a high volume of products being moved and picked daily. When used in combination with conveyors, carton flow systems provide maximum visibility and order accuracy.

Carton flow will help you increase productivity on the line, create a safer warehouse, and maximize space.

Overview of Carton Flow Rack:
  • Operates with FIFO order picking
  • Can lower labor costs
  • Helps reduce product damage
  • Reduces floor space usage
  • Often compatible with existing racking


MezzanineEasily doubling or tripling your available warehouse real-estate, new mezzanine storage systems solve problems.  It doesn’t matter if your storage space is under utilized or you want to maximize what is already there. Mezzanine systems can be configured for any number of applications and functionality at the time of installation or you have the option to expand when the time comes.

Mezzanine configurations are a free-standing systems that do not require permanently altering your facilities’ walls and trusses, leaving your property intact.

Your investment in a mezzanine storage system is a high-value purchase, in the respect that it can be considered as capital equipment, may be qualified for tax advantages, and can provide resale value if your business requirements change.  Contact us for more information on Mezzanine system configurations and installation.

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