Cantilever Racks

Cantilever Racks

Cantilever racks are a versatile and efficient storage solution for long and bulky items such as lumber, pipes, and furniture. With a unique design that features a single-sided column and arms that extend out to support the load, cantilever racks maximize floor space and accessibility. Whether you’re looking to store products in a warehouse or retail space, cantilever racks offer a customizable and durable option for your storage needs.

Cantilever Racks

Cantilever racks are a popular storage solution for businesses that deal with long and bulky items such as lumber, pipes, steel bars, furniture, and more. They are designed with a single-sided column and arms that extend out to support the load, creating an open and accessible storage system.

Cantilever racks are ideal for businesses that require quick and easy access to their products. Unlike other types of racking systems, cantilever racks do not have any front columns, allowing for easy loading and unloading of goods. This makes them perfect for storing large and heavy items that cannot be easily moved or stacked.

Tube Cantilever Racks

Tube Cantilever Racks

One of the main advantages of cantilever racks is their versatility. They are highly customizable, allowing businesses to choose the height, length, and depth of the racks based on their specific storage needs. Additionally, they can be designed to hold a variety of products, making them suitable for a wide range of industries.

Cantilever racks are also incredibly durable, with the ability to support heavy loads without buckling or collapsing. They are typically made from high-quality steel and can be coated with protective materials to prevent rust and damage.

Overall, cantilever racks are a cost-effective and efficient storage solution for businesses that need to store long and bulky items. With their customizable design and durable construction, they offer a reliable and accessible storage system that can withstand heavy use and provide long-lasting value to any business.

We at Green Mountain provide various sizes, layouts and capacities of new cantilever racks.  When storing long products such as lumber or plumbing, Green Mountain Industrial Supply has the solution.  Green Mountain will provide cantilever racks geared for the exact product you are storing.

A reliable standard of the industry, cantilever rack solutions provides options when storing over-sized-length materials like bars, pipes, lumber, etc. in your available warehouse square footage. Intelligent design allows for the vertical stacking of inventory with on-demand access if needed. Our Cantilever rack solution choices should prove enough to accommodate your storage needs regardless of length or weight.

Cantilever Racking Systems:

These versatile cantilever racks come in heights of 8′ to 20′ and arrive in single or double arm configurations. These racks are rated from over a thousand-pound capacity to just under sixty-thousand, depending on the model. Supported by a brace system that is bolted between pairs of uprights to provide lateral stability to the rack. Rugged Cantilever rack solutions are offered as Standard Heavy Duty or Extra Heavy Duty and may come with a straight or inclined arm at varying lengths.

All-Welded Cantilever Rack Solutions

An efficient and cost-effective solution, the powder-coated finish, All-Welded cantilever rack allows for efficient storage for bar stock, tubing, angles, and other long and bulky materials like other classes of cantilever racks. The all-welded steel construction features structural channel frame, base and arms. Removable retainer pipes at ends of arms extend 5″ high to provide a secure load retention. Each bay provides 15″ of vertical storage space. 1500 lbs. capacity per level, not to exceed 4000 lbs, making it the rack of choice for “light” loads.

Medium Duty/Medium-Heavy Duty Cantilever Rack Solutions

Sturdy and stable, these heavy-duty rack solutions are easy to install and built for years of rough use. Single- and double-sided upright storage ranging from 8′ to 20′ high, take advantage of an arm design that ranges from 12″ to 48″ and like the Medium Duty rack, arms are adjustable on 3″ centers up or down the full length of uprights. Convenient uprights facilitate manual loading and unloading and open base design affords easy forklift accessibility for weight capacities ranging from 4,000-36,000+ pounds. The serious choice for over-sized storage needs, cantilever racking provides high value and investment.

Galvanized Cantilever Rack Storage

Galvanized cantilever racks are highly resistant to rust. These solutions are recommended for outdoors, inside coolers, freezers and wherever chemical applications are used. Galvanized racks will give you a stable, safe and economical storage solution that will last for years to come. Durability will surpass standard powder coating finishes. This class of rack comes with a Galvanized coating that has a unique metallurgical structure which gives outstanding resistance to mechanical damage in transport, installation and service. They are available in single or double configurations from 8′ to 20′ high.

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