Pallet Racks

Drive In Pallet Racking Solutions

We at Green Mountain provide all various layouts, sizes, and capacities of new drive in pallet racks.  Where maximum pallet storage density is a priority, Green Mountain Industrial Supply has got you covered with our drive in pallet rack solution.  We will help you with all aspects of the project from start to finish.

Drive In Pallet Rack Overview:

Drive in pallet rack solutions provide the greatest storage density of any engineered pallet storage system. By eliminating aisles, drive-in pallet racking systems are able to maximize warehouse storage space. In fact, a drive-in rack system can increase pallet storage by as much as 60%. Drive in rack systems most often appear in warehouses with FILO (first in, last out) inventory rotations. In warehouses storing like-product and items that aren’t time sensitive, drive in rack systems are valued for their ability to produce peak storage.

Drive-in racking also goes by the names “drive-through racking” and “high density storage.”

Overview of Drive In Pallet Rack:
  • Accommodate virtually unlimited depth of storage
  • Deliver maximum storage density
  • Minimize the number of warehouse aisles
  • Prioritizes density over selectivity
  • Highly cost effective