Push Back Pallet Racking

Push back pallet rack systems are the practical solution for your inventory storage needs when available warehouse space is scare or at a premium. This type of pallet rack system benefits from greatly increased storage density in comparison to other pallet rack system choices available on the market, where some companies have doubled or tripled, their storage capacity.

The push back pallet rack system has a very wide installed base in a variety of fields; food distribution centers, manufacturing, retail, automotive, the list goes on…Usually more expensive than selective or a drive-in pallet rack system, the push back pallet rack systems offer incredibly high value for your push back pallet racksstorage needs.

Warehouses that are looking to increase their storage capacity are a potential candidate for push back racks or other push back rack systems. drive in pallet rackThese pallet racking systems are fully operational in low temperatures (coolers) and do not require special forklifts and equipment.

The nature of your inventory will determine your need for a push back pallet rack. Typical companies with inventories requiring more 5 or more pallets per SKU. Aisle facing shelves that do not require “drive-in” service, allow for the quick retrieval of product.UNIRAK FRAMES And stock rotation and occupancy are greatly improved with push back racking because each level can store a different product.

Owners can enjoy some benefits through large reduction in rack damage without the constant need for a forklift, as well as employees not requiring a forklift operator rating to maintain or retrieve stock all the time.pallet flow rack

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