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    Pallet Flow Racking Systems

    Gravity flow pallet rack systems, also known as pallet flow racks, get your warehouse flowing. Pallet flow rack systems use metal rollers and the force of gravity to feed pallets into the rack’s pick positions. Like drive-in rack systems, gravity flow racking maximizes storage space by minimizing aisles. Unlike drive-in systems, gravity flow systems operate using a first in, first-out inventory sequence. Gravity pallet flow systems are designed to meet your individual needs and can store as many as 20 pallets per storage lane. 

    Our pallet flow designs are engineered for high performance and manufactured in the United States with high quality steel. With pallet flow rack systems, we provide custom solutions for all applications, from economical shallow-depth pick module systems to the most challenging deep lane flow systems. Give us a call or send in a form to learn more about pallet flow racks from a Systems Design Specialist.

    Overview of Pallet Flow Rack:
    • Gets warehouse inventory flowing
    • Promotes high-density pallet storage
    • Custom engineered and tested for your operation
    • Provides immediate access to every product
    • Excellent for freezer or cooler applications