Warehouse Mezzanines Storage and Mezzanine Office Space


We at Green Mountain Industrial Supply take a lot of pride in designing and erecting new free standing mezzanines, catwalks and wire enclosures to fit each and every customer’s unique requirements.  No two mezzanines are exactly alike.  At Green Mountain, we have successfully completed numerous, many complicated mezzanine projects over the past 20 years.  Take a look at what sets Green Mountain apart from the competition.  See how we at Green Mountain are different and unique from everyone else.

The competition considers many mezzanine projects we handle too complicated to get involved with.  There are many times when we are called by a customer saying that the “original mezzanine company never got back to them and left them hanging, without a quote”.   We would then ask customer as much detail about mezzanine project as possible, so we could at least give customer an initial budgetary quote.  One such customer in specific: “Virginia Contractors Supply” In Manassas, VA literally hired us within 5 minutes of receiving our mezzanine quote.

mezzanine projectWhen we visited customer to carefully measure mezzanine area, there were many obstacles and obstructions which had to be overcome, so the mezzanine would fit perfectly in location.  All of these obstacles were addressed and mezzanine fit perfect, when delivered and installed.  Customer is very satisfied.  Manager at customer explained how original mezzanine company never got back to him after initial visit.  We experience this occurrence often with the competition not getting back to customer “leaving them hanging”.

Here are some other examples of our mezzanine projects.  “Flanagan Design & Display” in Middletown NY purchased 2 large mezzanines and modular office from us.   Floor sloped upward over 200 Ft. Span.  We engineered columns to account for floor slope.  Mezzanine & office fit perfect and completely level when installed.  Long Beach, NY Fire Rescue Squad purchased mezzanine from us, which had to overcome many pipe obstacles from wall.  Like all of our mezzanine projects, it fit perfect and both customers’ expectations were exceeded.  “Dianas Bakery” in Agawam, MA was a very complicated mezzanine catwalk combination.  Numerous obstacles had to be overcome to make everything fit together, in addition to mezzanine fitting perfectly over an existing walk in cooler with very limited space for mezzanine columns at perimeter.   Everything fit perfect when installed.  Mezzanine manufacturer’s rep said, I quote “this is a work of art how we at Green Mountain Industrial Supply made that complicated mezzanine and catwalk fit perfect”.

mezzanine manufacturer (Cogan)

One of our largest manufacturers called us after the completion of this very complicated mezzanine & catwalk project commending us on what a great job we did. Other mezzanine companies and manufacturer’s reps said this project was impossible and could not be done.  We at Green Mountain Industrial Supply take pride in proving all these other naysayer mezzanine companies and reps wrong.  We also set up Casella Waste Management with 4 separate mezzanines and modular offices throughout the state of Vermont.

What exactly do you get from Green Mountain Industrial Supply?  When a prospective customer calls Green Mountain Industrial Supply, they are immediately talking with a highly experienced, seasoned mezzanine specialist, who has years of mezzanine field experience.

Mezzanine with upper officeWe ask all pertinent questions first about timeline for mezzanine, dimensions and type of usage.  At Green Mountain we realize, we would not be here if it wasn’t for you the customer.  We at Green Mountain know how valuable customer’s time is.  At Green Mountain Industrial Supply, based on our culture, philosophy, experience and track record, we strive to make the mezzanine purchasing experience as effortless as possible for the customer.  Within 24 hours, we produce customer with a budgetary quote, preliminary drawings and review with customer.  If customer is ready to proceed, we schedule a customer site visit to carefully evaluate and measure installation area.

Once everything is submitted to mezzanine manufacturer, we wait about 24 hours for 1st draft of approval drawings.  These approval drawings are very detailed and show every dimension to assure mezzanine fits perfectly, when installed.  If we are satisfied, we review drawings with customer and if customer is satisfied he/she will sign drawings to schedule production of new free standing mezzanine.  On the very complicated jobs, we will make a 2nd customer site visit to verify all measurements.  The mezzanine typically takes about 3 weeks to produce, once the approval drawings are signed and submitted to manufacturer.

We carefully coordinate mezzanine delivery time and installation, which is convenient for customer, while at same time coordinating unloading and installation with professional installer.  At that point the professional mezzanine installers erect the mezzanine to the customer’s satisfaction.  The best part of this whole mezzanine experience, is the satisfaction it brings in seeing the finished product and most of all the happy customer’s expectations being greatly exceeded.