Modular offices have become increasingly popular across a variety of different uses and industries. They can serve a number of different purposes due to their mobility and ease of set-up. Businesses needing more office space often opt for modular offices, but schools and constructions sites use them often as well.

Cheap Office Space

If you’re on a tight budget, but your organization is expanding, then modular offices could be an excellent option for you. They cost about 3-5x less than new construction per square foot. Now, you can customize your modular office to be more luxurious or keep it on to keeps costs low. All of the costs of having windows, doors, HVAC, etc. installed are included with your purchase of an office, so there aren’t any hidden costs.

You Need Office Space, FAST

If you need some office space fast, permanent or temporary modular offices could be right for your organization. If your regular office has an emergency, you can get back to work quickly with modular offices and take care of business as usual.

Contractors often need some office space on a job site, and often times a temporary solution is the only thing that makes sense. In the case that your number of employees is rapidly growing, you can set them up with temporary offices until you have the resources for a permanent space. You can’t beat the speed of set up that modular offices have.


If your organization has a rapidly changing workforce, a modular office can suit the needs of different people easily. They are modular, but they’re just like a “real” office, they offer the same office amenities that you’d expect in any typical office settings. When having your modular office designed and built, you can customize it to fit your specific needs.

Easy Set-Up

The best part about modular offices is how easy they are to assemble and disassemble, something you could never do with a traditional building. Time is money, so having a quality office solution in place when you need one will keep your organization running and on-pace to reach your goals.

Green Mountain Industrial Supply has been working in the modular office industry for a long time and can help direct you towards the perfect office solution for you.

For more information about ordering a modular office, we can be contacted over the phone at 603-627-4200 or through our online contact form.

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